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    Contact Information

    115 West Washington Street, Suite 955 South
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
    Phone: 317-634-6993

    Refund Policy

    Due to the nature of the events organized by the AIAFW and required reservations, please follow the following steps to request a refund:

    1. Please download and complete the “Request for Refund” form from the following link.

    2. Please email the completed form to the section President at the following:

    All “Request for Refunds” will be reviewed and approved by the board at the monthly board meetings. The cutoff date for review shall be 7 days prior to the board meeting, which occur on the 3rd Monday of each month.  Requests received prior to this date will be added to the board meeting agenda, while all requests received after this date will be tabled until the next board meeting.  All approved “Request for Refund” forms will be processed, and payment returned, via check, within 30 days.